We're Movement Specialists. Whether the goal is to climb a flight of stairs or perform on a National Tour, we're here to help. By combining the most advanced Physical Therapy techniques, the Gyrotonic Methodology, and highly specialized conditioning, we help our clients achieve their individual performance goals.

Our philosophy at Motion Arts is very simple:     

Promote Efficiency of Movement

Each client at Motion Arts is evaluated as an entire person, with patterns of movement that either support or prevent their functional goals. We help our clients achieve their goals by training all the systems of the body to support unrestricted, efficient movement.

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Motion Arts

Motion Arts is the top of the tops. Veronique is a master trainer, a great communicator, and a fierce advocate for the physical well-being of her clients. All this in a beautifully appointed spacious studio with the most up-to-date equipment. Try it!

Beverly T

Motion Arts

Our daughter is both an athlete and yet fragile, with loose joints that leave her prone to injury. At Motion Arts, Peter keeps her in top physical function, while providing access to healing any and all of her minor injuries. He and Veronique run a studio with compassion, respect, determination, and laughter. We love the work they do, the care and expertise they have, and their willingness to listen, and advise. We will not go anywhere else for our daughter’s care!

Micole J

Motion Arts

I have recently started Veronique's Gyrokinesis classes and am thrilled with her ability to explain and clarify the movements and why they are done. She brings her expertise as a dancer as well as her boundless enthusiasm. I look forward to continued classes with her in both this area as well as Gyrotonic.

Carol A

Motion Arts

Had a great experience with Peter's expertise in cranial sacral work after an auto accident. Veronique's work is also top notch! I would definitely recommend their work!

Betsy W

Motion Arts

We are so lucky to have Veronique, a Gyrotonic Master Trainer in our area! Motion Arts is a studio that offers classes and privates in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. I have never felt better. This method is addictive!

Lisa M